Media Release ( Increasing Participation & Contribution of Osteopathy within Accident Compensation Corporation Structure)

17th September 2014

New National Osteopathy President Focused on Increasing Participation & Contribution of Osteopathy within Accident Compensation Corporation Structure

Osteopaths New Zealand (ONZ) announces the appointment of Mr Jonathan Lloyd-Paine who replaces incumbent Ms Leyla Okyay as the new President of the professional Osteopathic association which is governed by the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act (2003).

The Wanganui resident and British School of Osteopathy graduate has been in the industry for twenty-five years and moved to New Zealand eleven years ago after a breadth of practitioner roles that culminated in running a mutli-disciplinary sports medicine practice with a General Practitoner.

Paine will be resonsible for representing a unified voice for the Osteopathic profession in the healthcare environment and safeguarding the interests of over four hundred practitioners located throughout New Zealand.

He wishes to increase the participation and contribution of Osteopathy within the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) structure give it is a registered ACC treatment and is focused on growing the relationship to make the cost-effective healthcare choice available to even more members of the public.

Recent media reports state that the ACC adds another 50,000 new accident claims to its books each year which is likely to be met with increasing scrutiny. Osteopathy compared to other manual profession (i.e. chiropractors, physiotherapists, acupuncturists) has attracted fewer treatment visits per claim, which suggests that Osteopathy is more cost effective in the short to long term. 1

Commenting on his new role, Paine said:

“2014 presents different challenges for Osteopaths New Zealand and we will rise to them. It is a privilege and honour to represent such a remarkable profession with a rich history and huge potential within the healthcare structure of New Zealand. We need to work a lot closer with the ACC to facilitate the provision of our services throughout the community and I look forward to taking a more prominent position advocating and ultimately achieving this.”
1 Source:: Statistical Analysis of Manual Therapists Funded By ACC – Multiple Profession Claims
(from the largest study of its kind involving over three million ACC claims over an eight-year period)

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